Resources For Students


Writing Templates

Argument Planning Sheet (docx, pdf)

CLEAR Paragraph Template (docx, pdf)

Essay Planning Sheet (docx, pdf)

Evidence and Analysis Synonyms (docx, pdf)

Expository Essay Template (docx, pdf)

Narrative Essay Organizer (docx, pdf)

Pie Paragraph Template (docx, pdf)

Quote Sandwich Graphic Organizer (docx, pdf)

Schaffer Body Paragraph Template (docx, pdf)

Self Editing Sheet (docx, pdf)

Thesis Statement (docx, pdf)


Reading Resources

Book Cheat Sheet (docx, pdf)

Close Reading Sheet (docx, pdf)

How to Choose a Book (docx, pdf)


Nonfiction Sign Posts (docx, pdf)

Reading Log Page Tracker (docx, pdf)

Signs and Signposts Graphic Organizer (docx, pdf)


SQQR (docx, pdf)

Piles of Books

Other Academic Areas
History, Foreign Languages and Math